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KyuShinDo is not a Martial Art ~ See article below..

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei the founder of KyuShinDo ~ Kings Cross Dojo London 1950s.

It is very important for the visitor to understand that KyuShinDo is not a Martial Art, it is a theory with a deep and difficult to grasp philosophy. The butterfly emblem behind Sensei is his own personal KyuShinDo emblem.
KYU = Desire ~ yearn ~ sphere ~ circle ~ search ~ study.
SHIN = Heart ~ spirit ~ true ~ to be true to oneself.
DO = Way or Path ~ a Way of Life or Selfe Discipline.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei began his study of KyuShinDo in the late 1930s. When he arrived in Britain in 1955 he wanted to impart not only his vast knowledge of Judo and other previously unheard of Martial Arts to his students, he wanted them to understand his theory of KyuShinDo which was the secret of his Judo success. It was a constant pain to him that his students could not fully grasp the true understanding of the principles of KyuShinDo. The honest direct students will admit that they never truly understand the KyuShinDo principles Abbe Sensei was teaching. Of course it is no problem for the members of MayoShinDo who never met this great Budo Master.


Read the " BullShido " investigation into MayoShinDo .
Click here -> BullShiDo investigate MayoShinDo
A person using the u/n of Greyowl on BullShido states that " Mr Mayo and Abbe Sensei were collaborating on a book together - he then claimes to have seen the manuscript in Abbe Sensei's own hand ".............Abbe Sensei could hardly speak English and could not write at all in English ......See the letter below from Mrs T Reeves on how her husband would write all of Abbe Sensei's letters which Abbe Sensei would sign.

See below the statement from Mrs Teresa Reeve the widow of the late ` Bill Reeve ` the first personal assistant to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. This statement will show that the whole of the claims of the MayoShinDo group are at best a joke.


Click here - KyuShinDo

Photo: The late AKA ` Chief` George Mayo 10th dan ( ? )
You may find the name MayoShinDo amusing ? what is not so amusing are the idiotic claims of not only Mr Mayo but also his misguided followers.
Mr Mayo " I GSM the founder and developer of KyuShinDo "( Unadulterated crap.)
Mr Mayo " I sat with Abbe Sensei into the late hours discussing psychology and
philosophy. ( Never happened - Abbe Sensei could not speak English )
Mr Mayo. Claims to have treated Abbe Sensei for car crash injuries years before the crash happened.
Abbe Sensei was a master of Judo - Aikido - Kendo - Karatedo - Kyudo - Iaido.
Now the Mayo's claim that Abbe Sensei brought Kyu Shin to Britain, and it was "" The Chief "" who added the Do to KyuShinDo. Why didn't Abbe Sensei fink of that ?? As Delboy would say " Wot a load of Porky Plonkers .
Please Read

Read the message below from an ex senior student of Mr Mayo taken from ``Martial Arts Planet Forum ``


i was a student of kyushindo judo in bristol for about 2-3 years in the late 1960's, i got to grade of brown belt,i trained 2-3 evenings a week,george mayo(i shudder to call him master! )in all the times i spent training,i never ever saw him actually take a class,he seemed more interested in taking money of students,if any newbie came in asking questions he gave him a lot of speil about circles and no need to use any force,as far as i know,he had no training in karate,yet he was running karate classes,and as other people have said,it is pathetic,save your money,go to a recognised style ie: shotokan,wado-ryu,taekwondo etc.please,please stay away from mayoshindo,10th dan my *ss.i am over 60 now,and still regret wasting 2-3 years in ignorance training in that style of judo.don't forget people,there was no way of checking how good any style was then,dojo's were as rare as hens teeth,and martial arts knowledge was very slim.good luck in findin a good dojo to train in.
U/N omitted here ~ can be found on MAP.

Click here -> BullShiDo investigate MayoShinDo


Important letter from Robin Otani Sensei ~ President of the BJC.
Click here - Scroll down for the R Otani Sensei ` Mayo`letter


Important letter from Mrs Teresa Reeve.

Mrs Reeve is the widow of Bill Reeve Sensei who was the first personal aide to Abbe Sensei in 1955

Please Read

Dear Henry,

Thank you for bringing Mr Mayo to my attention and also this letter that his organisation claims proves his close association with Sensei Kenshiro Abbe.

Yes my husband Bill Reeve, who was BJC secretary at the time, wrote the letter under the express instruction of Mr Abbe. He did not want to write it as Mr G. Mayo was considered an irritating joke, but Mr Abbe hoped that this letter would encourage Mr Mayo and his clubs, I believe he had a couple in Essex at the time, to join the BJC when hopefully they could be introduced to a genuine judo system.

Mr Abbe did not have a good command of English and used a very limited vocabulary in order to communicate, as those who attended his classes would remember. How could he then spend hours in philosophical discussion as Mr Mayo claims and to what benefit for Kenshiro Abbe,an All Japan Champion to train and practise with George Mayo whose qualifications appear to be self graded and by his own admission non-competitive.

I also remember the appearance and display given by Mr Mayo and some of his students at York Hall, Bethnal Green. The commentator refused to introduce him and a short silence prevailed which became embarrassing. Eventually he was introduced but as far as I know was never invited to take part in any other judo demonstration arranged by the BJC. He almost appeared to be in fancy dress with numerous gold flashes on his belt denoting his "grade" I presume. Already equal to Mr Abbe!

Unfortunately, the key people here have all passed on and I only have my memory to rely upon. I never met Mr Mayo but I do remember my husband speaking of him and his judo "system" in a less than favourable way. This is the truth of the matter and his claim to friendship with Mr K.Abbe is insulting to the memory of a man who excelled in all aspects of the martial arts. I can't help but believe that Mr Mayo was attempting to achieve some reflected glory.

Kind regards

Teresa Reeve

Below ~ Important Letter from Robin Otani Sensei President BJC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please Read

Dear Harry,

Happy New Year
Thanks for your e-mail.

The only George Mayo I know was invited to do a short display at one of Abbe Sensei's events in early 60's 1960-61? It was possibly at York Hall in E. London.

He was then purporting to be a 'Master' of 'Ju-Judo' which was his form of a 'Gentle Gentle Way' of doing Judo.

His display was in my opinion 'laughable' he only did light randori type practice with Juniors and he explained there was no contest allowed in his form of judo.

He wore a Gold embroidered black belt, I think it had Dragons on it, which I also thought was laughable.

At this time I was secretary of the BJC and to my knowledge Mr. George Mayo was never invited again to Abbe Sensei's events. I also recall Abbe sensei's opinion of Mr. Mayo ability was of low . I believe Abbe Sensei's tolerance was only because he had been invited to do courses for Mr. Mayo.

Of course I have met many people who say they do Abbe Sensei Judo but I have seen none who could prove it in combat 'on the mat'.

Over the years Mr. Mayo's name has cropped up and we have had the occasional member join the BJC from his organisation.

I know nothing more of his history or his credentials except that he is unknown and unrecognised in the Judo world known to the BJC.

I would refute any suggestions that he had anything to do with Abbe Sensei's creation of the Kyu Shin Do theory which was totally conceived by Abbe Sensei from his renowned experience of Judo.

I think this can also be held up by the fact that the philosophy of Kyu Shin Do (Harmony with the Universe) is very close to the Japanese Buddhist and Shinto religious thinking and today it is difficult to see exactly what is the philosophical difference between Kyu Shin Do and Jigoro Kano's Kodokan theory of Judo.

However, Abbe Sensei was adamant that on the mat, practical Kyu Shin Do Judo movements were superior, being based on the circular movements of the Universe, whilst Kodokan was a more linear theory. Myself and all those others who were privileged to experience randori with Abbe Sensei have never doubted that his Judo was the best.

Unfortunately since Abbe sensei's death, I know of no one with his practical randori/contest ability who could prove the superiority of Kyu Shin Do Judo.

None of his students ever reached his ability and although they may have been trained by Abbe Sensei they could not mirror his judo ability in randori and contest.

Consequently Kyu Shin Do only lives on as a philosophy of a great and revered Judo Master.

I hope this is of help.

Yours sincerely

Robin Otani
President of the British Judo Council.

Click here -> Kenshiro Abbe Sensei


Visit the British Aikido History site for old photos of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

Please visit the " British Aikido History Gallery " this one link gives you four old photo galleries Click here ~ British Aikido Photo Galleries


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