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Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Slide Show of a Great Budo Event

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_______________________________The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Event May 14th 2005._________________________________

This movie slide-show offers an indepth look at this very special day of Budo.Narrated by Henry Ellis.


______________________________________"The Golden age of British Budo"______________________________________________

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei & Bill Reeves Sensei 1960 - Mount Fuji Judo Club - Halifax - Yorks..

NEW !! Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Video


British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis - Arrival of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei to the UK ~ Development of British Budo.


Rare collection of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei photos from the private collection of Mrs Teresa Reeve the wife of the late Bill Reeve - The first personal aide to Abbe Sensei.


A time of respect for self and teacher - A time before idiots such as George Mayo graded themselves to 10th dan - A time before Mr Mayo claimed to be the founder of KyuShinDo and his sad befuddled disciples believed him..A time when grades were earned - not handed out like Christmas cards. and just as valuable when Christmas is over..

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< Admin: Henry Ellis 6th dan International BiranKai ~ AikiKai Hombu.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 8th dan Judo ~ 6th dan Karate ~ 6th dan Aikido ~ 6th dan Kendo ~ 6th dan KyuDo...The old " Abbe School of Budo " or as it has always been affectionately known as " The Hut Dojo" . This board has hung in the dojo from its humble beginnings, the early dan grades for both Judo and Aikido are named on the board...At the bottom of the board you can see "KyuShinDo". Although this was the " Abbe School of Budo " .Teaching Judo - Aikido - Kendo - Karate.~~ Judo was the only art to involve the theory of KyuShinDo. There are now so many claims to have been a student of Abbe Sensei or to have trained at the Hut Dojo, I often wondered who cleaned the dojo windows.

Henry Ellis admin.

The Golden age of British Budo 1955 ~ 1964

The early sensei's ~ K Abbe ~ M Otani ~ M Nakazono ~ H Michigami ~ T Abe ~ M Noro ~M Harada ~ Shohei Hamano ~ TK Chiba ~ To name a few.
On this site you will find links to a wide selection of Budo articles. Factual stories of the early days of British Budo. This period was often referred to as the ` Golden Age of British Budo ` by Masahilo Nakazono Sensei. Believe me, there was such a time. The 1950s & early 60s ~ It was a time before the invention of Plastic and the clutter of soon to follow ``Plastic Samurai``. It was a time before the internet and the abilty to create your own worthless dan grade certificates. At this time there were other organisations that also had the same very high standards.

No Dishonour.
A time when no one would dishonour or dare to grade themselves. This was a time when students earned their grades, at the same time they were proud of their hard earned achievements. It was a time when students trained hard, the thought of Budo as a quasi religeon was the last thing on their minds.
It was a time that all the Martial Arts shared a healthy mutual respect for each other.
It was also a time before a teacher from another dojo would ~UP ~ your dan grade if you joined their group or association, known as the " Kellogs Syndrome ".

Not a good time for Dancing.
This was a time when there was only `Traditional Aikido` a time when tradition was an integral part of the martial arts. This was a time when only a dan grade wore a Hakama, which was received on his/her graduation to dan grade, a time of values and respect for tradition.

It was a time before Aikido uke's learned to float & fly, a time before `` no touch throws `` and Aikido with coloured ribbons or music, or both. A time before Ki stood for Ki-dology ,a time before Ki was thought of as a form of magic. It was a much better time for Aikido, and Budo in general. It was a time when the best place for dancing was at the London Hammersmith Palais.

When Kids were Kids..
It was a time when kids were allowed to be kids, a time before the idiots graded six year old kids to dan grade, it was a time when kids had a `mon` grading system of stripes and colours,a system which allowed them the time develop,to progress slowly and enjoy themselves. It was a time before the ``odd`` people wore designer gi's and Hakamas. It was a time before those blue Judo gi's and those awful badges.

A Time Before " Friends United "
It was a time before Kenshiro Abbe Sensei had so many friends, Abbe Sensei would have been number one on Face Book. It was a time before Abbe Sensei went from house to house eating `` everyones mums pie & mash ``. It was a time before the wannabee plastic samurai who never knew him, took Abbe Sensei's name in vain and added it to their shame.

When Dan Grades were special.
There was such a time in British Budo,it was a much better time.
It was a time when a 1st dan was special, a 3rd dan was like a super hero.
It was a time when only respected Budo teachers held 6th ~ 7th or 8th dan, Jeeez just look around you now ?? :-( . When I see some of these modern self graded 6 - 7 -8th dans - 10th dans, I just can't help but think ``my god !!, they actually compare themselves with the likes of Sensei's Abbe ~ Otani ~ Nakazono ~ Michigami Kellogs have much to be responsible for...Mr George Mayo attended ``ONE`` class with Abbe Sensei, he requested the usual opportunistic photo, his ``devoted `` followers claim Mr Mayo to be 10th dan KyuShinDo. ( Reminder, I must add a bullshit icon ! )

Plastic Plonkers
It was a time before the Plastic Plonker Samurai who had no concept or understanding of the true philosophy of KyuShinDo, yet, thought the name KyuShinDo sounded really ``Japanesy `` then added it to anything and everything.
There are some that say " There was no such Golden Age of British Budo " How would they know? It was before most of them were born. As a prominent Japanese Shihan said to me " Henry, there are very few martial arts clubs, there are many social clubs ".

Make a dream come true.
It was also a time before Mr Mayo dreamt he was the founder of KyuShinDo and woke up a 10th dan. It was a time before Abbe Sensei developed KyuShin and with the wonderful insight of Mr Mayo added " Do " or was it " Duh !? "

Mr Mayo `10th dan` KyuShin Duh
The students of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei studied with the master for many years, I know it was a dissapointment to Sensei that no student fully grasped the true meaning of his theory / philosopy of KyuShinDo. I have never met one `genuine` student who has claimed to completely understand, even after many years of study. Yet, Mr Mayo 10th dan did, after only one lesson, has spawned a large group of clubs teaching " KyuShinDuh ". Was this the start of the Plastic Samurai era ?. Just a thought, why is it when people grade themselves, they grade 8th and 10th dan, why is it never 9th ???
Just curious?

Mr Jack ( Man of Budo ) Poole.

Just as the followers of the late Mr Mayo have promoted him to 10th dan and laid claim to a non existant lineage to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, along with the name of KyuShinDuh, in association with everything they do.

This is a classic example of what the followers of Mr Jack Poole will do. Despite the proven facts showing his claimed history/ lineage to be a total sham. These people will continue to promote this nonsense long after Mr Poole and I are gone..These people will use and abuse all the names of the deceased Budo masters as our infamous man of Budo has done for so many years, perhaps there will be no one around then to tell the truth, and that sham goes on and on.
For facts ~ Photos ~ Video ~ statements.Visit ``Aikido Controversy ``.
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Read the letters below.

Henry Ellis admin.


Read the important letters below from Robin Otani Sensei ~ President of the BJC...Also a very important letter from Mrs Teresa Reeve the widow of Bill Reeve Sensei the first personal aide to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.


The`KyuShinDo Blog` & `Kenshiro Abbe Blog` are fully supported by several surviving ``genuine `` original students of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1955.Take a look at this video example of the MayoShinDo group....KyuShinDo Karate :-) - The use of both names KyuShinDo and Abbe Ryu is an attempt to con the public into believing there is an association with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei...Click link to hear Mr Mayo 10th dan play " Old MacShinDo " on the Bagpipes. Click here.. Abbe Ryu - Japanese Bagpipes playing " Old MacShinDo " Another insult ........... KyuShinDo Karate video using photo of K Abbe Sensei # Sad & Disrespectful # "


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