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I, G.S. Mayo - Founder of KyuShinDo

.. Big Chief Mayo im speakum heap big porkies with forked tongue.

Quote:"I, G.S. Mayo, am the founder and developer of the art of Kyushindo and this letter is addressed both to the students who have left me in the past". ...Unquote:
Quote: ""Round Hairy Objects !"" Henry Ellis. Unquote:

It is a sad reflection on the martial arts of today that students of MayoShinDo believe this bs. Not only do the believe it, they promote it, they grade in it, they have no respect for true lineage.

To set the record straight, please read the letters on this page from Robin Otani Sensei President of the British Judo Council. Also the very important letter from Mrs Teresa Reeve Sensei, widow of Bill Reeve Sensei who was Abbe Sensei's aide from 1955. For anyone who is under the illusion that Kenshiro Abbe Sensei was ever associated with Mr Mayo other than a one off meeting involving opportunistic photos, or that Abbe Sensei ever taught such a thing as KyuShinDo Karate to anyone, and that includes the man who liked to be known as ``Chief`` Mr Mayo?. certainly never happened !!.
Abbe Sensei never referred to KyuShinDo in any other subject than Judo. He demonstrated Karate at his Budo displays, he would teach kicking and punching as a part of his Aikido teaching / instruction. In the early 1960s Abbe Sensei brought Mitsukie Harada Sensei to Britain to teach Karate at the now famous Hut Dojo. I was there when Harada Sensei arrived, I studied with both Abbe Sensei & Harada Sensei, there was never a student named G Mayo to be seen anywhere but in his own dreams.

Dan grades in KyuShinDo ?. How on earth can you have a dan grade in a theory / philosophy ? Gerard Gyngel Sensei BJC Judo Champion ( 3 times ).


BullShido Investigation into MayoShinDo
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Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Blog Site. Click here -> Kenshiro Abbe Sensei


Our Sincere Apology
We apologise if we have failed to add your name to the list of great personal friends of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei? ~ Please forgive our ingratitude if your teacher sat for many hours discussing philosophy with Abbe Sensei whilst he slept ~ Or, if we have not mentioned how much Abbe Sensei enjoyed your mothers pie and mash dinners, we sincerely apologise, there are just too many of you to mention on this site. If Abbe Sensei stayed at yours, or your teachers home for several weeks eating dear old mums famous pie and mash and teaching you privately whilst neglecting the BJC and its 35,000 international members, I can only apologise again. If Abbe Sensei graded you or your teacher to dan grade and Sensei's secretary forgot to send you a certificate. We apologise for that too. If your teacher had a dream that Abbe Sensei developed Kyu-Shin and your Chief added ``Do `` we can only apologise for that too, It is so strange that Abbe Sensei was a master of ` Judo ` ` Kendo ` ` Aikido ` ` Kendo ` KyuDo ` KarateDo ` yet this great Budoka forgot to add Do to KyuShin - Do...have you heard of `` MayoLudo ``
Yours in contrition
Henry Ellis


Rik Ellis article "Aikido in MMA"
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Maybe I should develop " CageOShinDo " . I could say that while Abbe Sensei was eating my mothers special pie & mash, Abbe Sensei dropped the rights to the name CageShinDo into my cot. I could grade myself to 10th dan which would be much more that my father has achieved in over 50 years...

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